Now you are slipping fast away
I think of words that I should say
But it’s far too late now in the day
It’s over

Your sunny smile, your words and joke
Oftimes muttered to provoke
Yet still you laughed your way through life
Even through your hardest strife

How we’ll miss that cheerful grin
With all the friends that you did win
Your little dog waited still
She did not know that you were ill

Oh Peter how you loved your life
Can it be true you won’t be here?
Life will never be the same
And yet we cannot shed a tear

For memories of you make us laugh
We cannot be sad thinking of you
Such a happy smiling lad
Who never knew a word like “Blue"

In memory of Peter Gresham Warhurst 1931-1992

Brenda S. Warhurst

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© 2006 Brenda S. Warhurst