The Fairy Glen (A Children’s poem)

I went across to Ireland
To seek my fortune there
The forty shades of green I saw
Perfumed clover filled the air

I wandered down a little dell
And stopped to rest my feet
I saw a ring of fairies dance
Singing oh! so sweet

I stood up fast and looked around
Was it all a dream?
But then I found a little coat
It was the brightest green

I hurried on to see if I
Could see them once again
But they were nowhere to be found
As down came gentle rain

I found a little cave beyond
To shelter till it past
Twas then I heard the laughter
The same kind as the last

Returning home, I told my friends
Trying not to gloat
In disbelief they shook their heads
Till I showed the tiny coat

Brenda S. Warhurst

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© 2006 Brenda S. Warhurst