The Tulips

Every day I'd take a peep
To see if they were through
The very special tulip bulbs
I grew them just for you

It started in the garden shop
When I first saw the colour
Crimson splashed with creamy white
Made everything look duller

Many days had passed away
Until one morning bright
A speck of green could just be seen
Much to my delight

Another, then another one
I had five in all
And when the weather turned quite warm
They were moved to the garden wall

The green leaves slowly turned to red
Before my very eyes
I gasped one day when I looked out
They took me by surprise

The loveliest ones I'd ever seen
I felt so pleased and proud
My fingers surely must be green
I felt like shouting loud

Alas, they did not stay too long
So out came pen and paint
But to recapture them so true
Would surely take a saint!

Brenda S. Warhurst

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© 2006 Brenda S. Warhurst

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