A Golden Age

Dreaming of a golden age
When lily ponds and pools were made
And lilac trees afforded shade
A long lost golden age

Or was it through the eyes of youth?
That I had clearer seen
The greener grass, the bluer sky
A summer's day serene

The haymakers laughing in the sun
As from their weary toil
They rested awhile to quench their thirst
Before tilling on the soil

Then after came the gleaners
To glean away the chaff
Taking home their pickings
With a hale and hearty laugh

But time moves now on swifted wings
As each day we grow old
Progressing faster every day
A better world I'm told

Oh let me dream of long ago
Whilst I still have the chance
Of the sweet day with the smell of hay
Those days of song and dance

Brenda S. Warhurst

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© 2006 Brenda S. Warhurst